East Mountain House

East Mountain House

A Sanctuary Serving our Community


East Mountain House, along with this website, is in the preliminary stages of its evolution.  Currently the intent of this content is to share our reason for being, and an overview of how we propose to serve our local communities.


Our hope is that East Mountain House will become a sanctuary for people in our community who are close to death, as well as their family and friends.  It is a place for all, and most especially a haven for those whose options and resources may be limited, and for those who simply seek a contemplative environment for themselves and those who love them. We wish to create space in which threads of grace and dignity can be sustained.

and bigger dreams still


Contemplative in nature, we are committed to providing spiritual and emotional support for our guests and visitors. It is our aspiration that this process helps foster deeper spiritual exploration for all involved.

This exploration might result in a genuineness in communication, and greater feelings of integration and connection. And, on a most basic level, no one should have to die alone.

Ultimately, the well-being of East Mountain House will largely be determined by the largess of the communities it serves.

We will not charge fees for our guests, though donations and bequests will graciously be accepted.


East Mountain House
P.O. Box  1686
Lakeville, CT 06039

[email protected]

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